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We help Exporters & Importers to increase their Business Profitability in just 3 months by our unique 4 step process

Step 1 – Professional Risk Management

Step 2 – Finance Cost Reduction

Step 3 – Balance Sheet Optimisation

Step 4 – Yield Enhancement on  Liquidity

We are offering a FREE Risk Report for Exporters / Importers



Companies having Export & Import businesses are exposed to currency Risk & interest rate Risk.

Managing Risk is a full-time activity and needs to be managed by professionals.

All Big companies have an in-house treasury that manages the business risks efficiently and generates additional profit for the organisation.

Having an in-house treasury is not feasible for small and mid-size companies as it is very costly to set up and maintain a  professional treasury setup.

We have come up with a unique solution – Treasury Outsourcing.


All companies require finance for starting a business, expanding it or to fund the gap between inflow & outflow of funds (working capital).

To ensure success while running or expanding a business, it is important to have access to all the available resources.

Every business requires additional funding during the process of expansion or while dealing with the overseas / local suppliers and customers.

We help them manage all these situations with our scalable solutions with the dynamic nature of business environment. We help them move forward with innovative and bold ideas with full range of trade finance services.


We Consider wealth management as a challenge and hence provide financial consultancy and syndicated products, which deliver value beyond customer expectations.

We offer you comprehensive financial plans with objectivity and independence. We also provide you with the second opinion on your current investments and remodel those investment strategies which create maximum value for the investment.

Our approach to investing focuses on preserving capital and structuring high quality, diversified portfolios that generate strong risk adjusted returns over time.