Vendor Financing


Bill Discounting

Our  trade finance team offers vendors bill discounting services, The services are customised to suit vendors’ need for short term finance, from sale to payment. As a vendor, you can get:

  • Short-term unsecured finance
  • Credit of up to 90 days for sale of goods to corporates
  • Self-liquidating
  • Get funding against acceptance by corporates
  • Credit line is based on financials of vendor
  • Minimal documentation


Structured Purchase Order Financing

Structure PO Financing means Bank pays for the cost of your goods directly to your supplier and frees up your cash for other critical business expenses.

  • Funding provided for 45 to 90 days against confirmed purchase orders from select customers
  • Limits based on working capital cycle to execute the order. Up to 70% of the value of the purchase order is funded upfront
  • Facility to be liquidated from the cash flows accruing from the execution of the order, i.e. through bill discounting or through invoice financing
  • Commitment from purchasing corporate to route all payments through Bank
  • Minimal documentation